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Development History

Three German engineers set up NEOTECHNIK Company in Bielefeld, Germany relying on their mastery of new technologies for air conversion, which mainly filtered fiber filaments produced in the production process of breweries and garment factories.

NEOTECHNIK Company was rebuilt After World War II to mainly provide dust removal equipment for foundry and tobacco industries, and provided dust removers suitable for tobacco industry for the Marlboro Production Line of Philip Morris, the world's first tobacco manufacturer in 1966.

NEOTECHNIK transformed from a equipment manufacturer into a system integrator, and designed the first NEO dust removal systems for the casting industry and the tobacco industry respectively.

Germany NEOTECHNIK and Qingdao Machinery Industry Corporation jointly funded the establishment of NEOTECHNIK (Qingdao) Dust Extraction Plant Co., Ltd.

Germany NEOTECHNIK was incorporated into Germany Bend Muenstermann.
Qingdao Machinery Industry Corporation was placed under Qingdao Huatong Group.

NEOTECHNIK Company grew rapidly, went deep into the R&D and promotion of dust removal technology, and gained the recognition of customers. It obtained large orders from important customers such as Shanghai Cigarette Factory, Yuxi Cigarette Factory, FAW Foundry, GF, Brembo, etc. successively, and made major breakthroughs in protein powder recovery technology.

NEOTECHNIK Company proposed a new concept of intelligent dust removal: Realizing independent optimization of the system through big data. It applied it to new projects of important customers such as Brembo and Dezhu Special Steel, and it was also invited to participate in the formulation of national industry standards, pushing the field of industrial dust removal to a new level.

NEOTECHNIK will take the global leader in intelligent environmental protection as its goal, and deliver more mature solutions and maintenance services to more customers continuously in the industry. NEOTECHNIK will take today as the origin, and globalize Germany's technology and China's spirit of continuous exploration.