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Brand Story


NEOTECHNIK inherited the brand wealth accumulated by Germany NEOTECHNIK over the past 100 years. Founded in Qingdao in 2006, it integrated the Chinese spirit of exploration in the new era.

Different from most equipment providers, NEOTECHNIK inherited its parent brand's growing and innovative cultural wealth, and integrated German scientific and rigorous design concepts with the innovative spirit of China's continuous exploration. It hopes to stimulate the new momentum of China's traditional dust removal industry with intelligent and scientific solutions.


NEOTECHNIK was founded in Bielefeld, Germany. Over the past 100 years, NEOTECHNIK has continuously absorbed advanced technologies, improved product innovation with great concentration, and established a leading position in the industry.
China was in a period of rapid development in 2006, so the resulting air quality problems were also emerging. Faced with this situation, NEOTECHNIK came to China and created NEOTECHNIK, a brand focusing on the field of environmental protection and dust removal.
Focusing on the occupational health problems of workers in China's industrial development and the ever-increasing social environmental problems, NEOTECHNIK decided to start from the industrial field, improve the industrial environment and reduce the social pollution problems relying on its professional abilities accumulated over a century.


NEOTECHNIK has never changed its original intention in the past ten years in China. It has taken improving the industrial environment as its own duty, and met the challenges of market demand one after another. It has been highly recognized by customers, the government and partners, and constantly improving itself at the same time.
Today, NEOTECHNIK has officially joined the ranks of "major environmental protection equipment" manufacturers in the country and has been invited to participate in the formulation of national standards, pushing the field of industrial dust removal to a new level.


NEOTECHNIK first proposed the concept of intelligent dust removal in 2017: Realizing independent optimization of the system through big data, which officially played a new chapter in the digital intelligent generation of dust removal and environmental protection systems.
NEOTECHNIK will take the global leader in intelligent environmental protection as its goal and deliver more mature solutions and maintenance services to more customers continuously in the industry in the future.
NEOTECHNIK will take today as the origin, and globalize Germany's technology and China's spirit of continuous exploration.