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NFS Surface filter with reverse air cleaning

The NEOTECHNIK surface filter NFS operates fully automatically with a reverse air cleaning system. This custom-made filter allows economic operation with a constantly low filter differential pressure. The blowing impulses are generated by an impulse transmitter in a fixed position. This transmitter is fed by an impulse air fan and the transmission of the cleaning impulses to the mobile cleaning trolley is effected via a flexible metal tube.

Product Structure

The filter housing is constructed of reinforced welded steel sheet. Airtight doors allow access to the clean gas chamber. The filter element consists of individual filter bags and inserts, stretched via locking fastener, are easy to maintain and can be removed from the front.

Product Structure

- Continuous on-line reverse blowing

- The reverse blower has low energy consumption

- With high reverse blowing efficiency, it can obviously reduce the reverse blowing pressure, and prolong the filter bag's service life

- No compressed air is required