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Automobile battery curing equipment/ lead powder dust removal system

Design Basis

German and European Community regulations on environmental protection: such as TA air, TA noise, TA waste and IPPC96/61/EN most optimization

Obligations Assumed by the Supplier

- Health and safety guidelines
- Equipment conformance standard 98/37/EG
- Explosion-proof ATEX94/9/EG
- German design standards
- Latest technical standards
- Quality standard ISO 9001-2000

Basic Criteria

Federal Law on Emission Protection


The air in the surrounding environment of operators meets the standard


Air purification meets technical standards

Waste Recycling

Waste recycling complies with relevant regulations

Heat Reuse

In line with the principle of economic use


Auto Battery Curing Equipment/Lead Powder Dust Removal System You can use our chamber body drying equipment to dry different and large goods in batches.

Unique temperature and humidity configuration

Practicability of long time processing

Integrates multiple chamber bodies

-Available space suitable for existing floors
-Controls different chambers from a centralized control panel

Relies on applications such as sliding doors or automatic loading to optimize handling equipment