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Neotechnik assist Sinosteel Xingtai Machinery in environmental upgrading

Recently, during the World Environment Day, Sinosteel Xingtai Machinery Roll Co., Ltd., as a model enterprise for green development, was highlighted by the local news network. What we are proud of is that Neotec, as the dust removal equipment supplier of Sinosteel Xingji, has helped customers achieve intelligent and green environmental protection requirements, and has been unanimously recognized by the government and customers.

"In the past, we used fog cannons for dust removal. Fog cannons (for us), one is that it has a large amount of water, which can easily cause the pig iron scrap to rust and affect the quality of the product smelting. The second is that its range is small and the dust removal effect is not Okay, we will change to dry fog dust removal, which has a better effect.

As a manufacturer of core components of rolling mill equipment, high-end equipment casting and high-precision processing techniques are the key to ensuring product quality. The collection of these pollutants produced during the production process has become the top priority of environmental protection."

-- Wang Qingjun, Vice Minister of Purchasing Department of Sinosteel Xingji Company.

"Our environmentally friendly dust removal facilities operate continuously for 24 hours, and use mobile Internet access and online monitoring to ensure that their dust removal effect has reached ultra-low pollutant emissions."

-- Li Weishan, Secretary of the Party Branch of Sinosteel Xingji Cast Iron Branch.

Pouring capture solutions adopts a movable dust suction hood on the pit, which satisfies the pouring of any position in the pit of large, medium and small pieces at the same time. During the movement of the dust hood, the intelligent state sensing through the intelligent detector realizes precise positioning, automatic parking, and reaches the pouring process The ideal location for dust collection to collect dust and help customers achieve satisfactory dust removal results with a scientific dust removal system.