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Neotechnik award the 2020 Qingdao Municipal Technology Innovation Center

Recently, Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau announced the list of the first batch of enterprises that intend to support the construction of Qingdao Municipal Technology Innovation Center in 2020. Neotechnik (Qingdao) Dust Extraction Plant Co., Ltd. has successfully been approved as Qingdao Municipal Technology Innovation Center Enterprise in 2020. The municipal technology innovation center application is recommended by the competent authority, formal review, expert review, and on-site survey procedures to finalize the list of enterprises.

Since its establishment in China in 2006, Neotechnik (Qingdao) Dust Extraction Plant Co., Ltd. has been adhering to a century of advanced German design concepts and technologies, committed to providing the best dust removal products and solutions for foundry, tobacco, food and other industries. A patented technical invention. It pioneered the industry concept of "intelligent dust removal" and successfully applied it to well-known enterprise projects such as Brembo, AVIC, and Dezhu Steel, leading the future development of industrial equipment scientific maintenance and intelligent dust removal.

Neotechnik has also participated in the setting of a number of national standards and industry standards. Qingdao is the resident of the Qingdao City Dust Removal Expert Workstation, the council unit of the Qingdao Foundry Association, and was awarded the "Green Casting Environmental Protection Research Institute" by the China Foundry Association. Elected as the first rotating chairman unit and current chairman of China Foundry Association Environmental Technology and Equipment. Won the honorary titles of "Qingdao Specialized New Products for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", "Qingdao Famous Brand", "Shandong Famous Brand", and "2019 Invisible Champion of Manufacturing Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Qingdao", and was selected as one of the top 20 high-tech high-growth enterprises in Qingdao.

Neotechnik (Qingdao) Dust Extraction Plant Co., Ltd. was successfully approved as a Qingdao municipal technology innovation center enterprise in 2020. This is not only a recognition of the company's research and development achievements in the field of industrial dust removal, but also a recognition of Neotec. Neotechnik will continue to uphold the corporate philosophy of "Wisdom and Creativity, Sharing Responsibilities and Benefits", continuous innovation, and practical actions to lead and enhance the harmonious development of industrial civilization and ecological civilization.