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Neotechnik appeared in the 18th China International Foundry Expo.

From August 18th to August 20th, the 18th China International Foundry Expo and the 14th China International Die Casting Industry Expo hosted by the China Foundry Association were grandly held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. 

At this year's China Casting Exhibition, the Qingdao Foundry Equipment Group (hereinafter referred to as "Qingzhu"), a subsidiary of Huatong Group, will bring its 6 casting subsidiaries: Neotechnik, Germany KW, Italy IMF, Goldstone, Sinan Casting Machinery, Qingdao Casting It is the first time to make a grand collective appearance.

During the exhibition, there was an endless stream of visitors, old friends reunited, and new friends met to discuss industry development trends and trends under the new situation.

Driven by intelligence, innovation, and green concepts, Neotechnik continues to improve its independent innovation capabilities and the ability to transform scientific research results. Based on market and customer needs, it is committed to providing the best dust removal products and products for foundry, tobacco, food and other industries. solution. Therefore, the Neodic team adheres to the spirit of German craftsmanship, constantly scrutinizes and polishes, and successively introduces new technology products such as intelligent dust removal system, electric arc furnace & refining furnace fixed smoke dust enclosure, large casting mobile dust removal system, VOCs deodorization, etc. This patented technology invention has been successfully applied to projects of well-known enterprises such as Brembo, Gree, and AVIC, leading the new navigation mark in the field of industrial dust removal.

In the post-epidemic era, this exhibition boldly tried the emerging model of "online cloud exhibition + offline shopping exhibition", so that domestic and foreign friends who were not present could share the event through the screen.

On the morning of the 18th, as the key exhibitor of this exhibition, Ma Weidong, general manager of Neodic, participated in the host’s live broadcast debut, bringing a wonderful cloud interaction.

Mr. Ma said that China's foundry industry is currently in a critical period of transformation and development, and many customers' demand for foundry machinery is gradually developing towards high-end and refined development. In this regard, Neodik will persevere and move forward steadily, continue to provide customers with high-standard, high-quality, high-performance dust removal products, and help foundry industry enterprises to build intelligent factories, "net endlessly do their best", for Foundry practitioners provide a clean working environment and work hard for future generations to live under the same blue sky.