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In terms of dust removal

After a hundred years of hard work

All we bring you is clean air
NEOTECHNIK was founded in Bielefeld, Germany. Over the past 100 years, NEOTECHNIK has continuously absorbed advanced technologies, improved product innovation with great concentration, and established a leading position in the industry. 
China was in a period of rapid development in 2006, so the resulting air quality problems were also emerging. Faced with this situation, NEOTECHNIK came to China and created NEOTECHNIK, a brand focusing on the field of environmental protection and dust removal. 
Focusing on the occupational health problems of workers in China's industrial development and the ever-increasing social environmental problems, NEOTECHNIK decided to start from the industrial field, improve the industrial environment and reduce the social pollution problems relying on its professional abilities accumulated over a century.




Dust Removal System in Foundry Industry

Casting Aluminum/Smelting Department/Molding Department/Sand Treatment Department/Cleaning and Shot Blasting




Dust Removal System in Tobacco Industry

Dust removal in Primary Processing Shop/Wrapping Workshop/ Redrying Workshop




Dust Removal System in Food Industry

Separation Technology/Dust Removal Technology/Project Application




Intelligent Dust Removal System

Intelligent Dust Removal System in foundry




Automobile battery curing equipment/ lead powder dust removal system

You can use our chamber body drying equipment to dry different and large goods in batches.


Flat Bag Filter

-Compact design with large filtration area

Round Bag Filter

-Modular design, flexible and durable

Surface Air Cooler

-Economic and well-thought out

Odor Removal System

-Safe and efficient

Drying and Curing Equipment

-Energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency

Our compact bag filters work using the proven ‘Down flow’ rincipe. This is suitable especially for fline, light and fibrous dusts. For example, the dust in the production of metal or in the metal producing industry.

We provide strong, durable modular round bag filter with their fully - automatic pulse - jet dedusting system which is well demonstrated in the area of heavy, abrasive and fibrous dusts.

Our cooling system does not require additional water spraying or supplementary air supply; When the temperature reaches 600 degrees Celsius, it is still the most economical choice.

By injecting additional materials into the dust-containing gas, adsorbs and condenses into agglomerates effectively, to removing harmful substances and odors from the gas.

With a hundred years of experience, has advanced technology and efficient solutions in the field of drying and curing. The energy-saving, environmentally-friendly design concept and product quality enjoy a high reputation in the world.



Neotechnik appeared in the 18th China International Foundry Expo.

From August 18th to August 20th, the 18th China International Foundry Expo and the 14th China International Die Casting Industry Expo hosted by the China Foundry Association were grandly held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exh...

Neotechnik appeared in the 18th China International Foundry Expo.